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Copying and updating a tree

What’s the fastest way to copy a tree-like data structure, while updating the copy using an unsorted alist mapping from pointers to old values to new values? A colleague showed up with the naïve answer, copying the tree and, at each cell looking it up in the old list. If found, copy the new value instead of the old value. This has running time O(m n log n): n log n to crawl the tree, and m to read the whole list at each element.

Coaxing her through what was making this suck, we came up with pre-sorting the list. Now it’s faster to do each lookup, but you pay to sort it in advance: O(n log m log n + m log m)

But if you don’t care about using some extra space, you can build up a map from old pointer to new pointer as you go—with the same shape of layout as the original tree. Now you just naïvely copy the tree, making your dictionary, then scan the list. At each list element, you take a fixed amount of time to look up that cell in your dictionary, follow the pointer to the new data cell, and write in the new data. O(n log n + m)

I’m pretty sure that’s as fast as this can be done, but I’m wildly flapping my hands about the constant-lookup-time map—can this be done in the same asymptotic time without such terrible space performance?