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Storm Front, by Jim Butcher

Some MITSFS residents reacted to my not having read Storm Front the way I reacted to someone who’d never read anything by Asimov. Apparently the Dresden Files series has become quite popular. I think Glen Cook’s cover blurb sums it up well: “I wish I’d thought of this.”

I’m not sure Dresden Files does bear comparison to Cook’s own Garrett Files. There’s more character development than in any one of Cook’s stories, but I haven’t seen enough of Harry Blackstone Copperfeld Dresden to compare him to the Garrett of nine books. The clearest comparison in my mind is to Laurel K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake books—there’s even structural similarity to her first book, Guilty Pleasures. The universe is intriguing, and if Butcher explores the Nevernever more deeply in later books, it’ll be worth following.

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