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New Web Log Engine

Blosxom is built on Perl. PyBlosxom is built on Python. Why put in the effort to switch? The langauge might make me pick PyBlosxom to begin with—and I did consider it back when I started this—but it’s hardly enough to switch for. PyBlosxom is maintained; Blosxom largely forks with each user. PyBlosxom has a cleanly added on method for interpreting $variables. Blosxom appears to eval() the text. And maybe the comments.

It may be that I’m mistaken about what Blosxom might do—doesn’t really matter, if it’s taking long enough for me to have to worry about it, I start to consider whether it’ll take less time to switch. As it turns out, PyBlosxom also supports the Blogger XML-RPC upload mechanism, and has better support for Technorati, TrackBack, and similar services. So this web log now runs on PyBlosxom.

I’ve added redirectors at the old URLs, but this is now best accessed at or