Sniffen Packets

With a name like Sniffen, it's got to smell good.

Summer Knight, by Jim Butcher

Gosh. Maybe I should have bunched all of the Dresden files together, like Kat did. The titular character spends most of the book dead—a pity, since he sounded like a neat character. We find out more about the Nevernever here, and about Harry’s origins as a wizard. Some bits of the cosmology aren’t covered on screen—I’d like to know more about the deals-and-gifts obsession of the Faeries, and about their Call mechanic.

These really are candy: light, one-evening books with lots of geeky references. Indiana Jones makes a quick appearance here, a few pages from J.M. Barrie. The series is improving since Fool Moon, passing Storm Front in quality.

Books read this year: 40