Sniffen Packets

With a name like Sniffen, it's got to smell good.

Things I didn't Finish Reading This Year

Burning Empires

I did not read this whole book. I shall be finishing it, since I said I would, but I have a very hard time reading gaming books, apparently.

LEGENDS, by Robert Silverberg

Of this collection of 10 short stories, I’ve finished six:

" The Dark Tower: The Little Sisters of Eluria" by Stephen King " Discworld: The Sea and the Little Fishes" by Terry Pratchett “The Sword of Truth: Debt of Bones” by Terry Goodkind “Tales of Alvin Maker: Grinning Man” by Orson Scott Card “Earthsea: Dragonfly”, by Ursula LeGuin “A Song of Ice and Fire: The Hedge Knight” by George R.R. Martin

So that’s sort of like another book, from two halves.

Books Read in 2006: 40