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The Little Book of Hindu Deities, by Sanjay Patel

This was featured on BoingBoing, so we ordered a copy. It’s about 140 pages, mostly in two-page spreads about each of the Hindu deities. Each spread has a description and often a bit of the origin story for the god, demigod, planet, etc. on one side, and a picture on the other—but the pictures. The author is an artist for Pixar, and the art style reminds me of the PowerPuff Girls—very big faces, big eyes, simple lines and bright colors. The picture of Kali is by far my favorite, but I can’t find it online, so I’ll just show you the cover.

I really enjoyed reading this, for all that it didn’t take very long. It doesn’t hurt that this is about the most comprehensive introduction to Hindu deitiies I’ve ever seen (the sum total of my knowledge before having come from Siddartha, Lord of Light and The Black Company, from which I first heard of Kali.