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McDonald's Coffee apparently beats DD, *$

Feb. 2 (Bloomberg)—McDonald’s Corp.’s new coffee tastes better and costs less than brew from Starbucks Corp., Burger King Holdings Inc. and Dunkin’ Donuts Inc., Consumer Reports magazine said.

“We compared the rivals with Starbucks, all in basic black—no flavors, milk, or sugar—and you know what? McDonald’s beat the rest,” Consumer Reports said in its March issue.

Consumer Reports’ “trained tasters” visited two stores of each company, the magazine said.

Now, this isn’t quite useful to me. Starbucks’ brewed coffee is burned and not very good. Their beans are roasted to make good espresso, well past the point where they still make good coffee. So I order their Americano went I want a cup of coffee. But just the news that McDonald’s is serving better coffee that Starbucks brewed is interesting.