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Democratic candidates

It’s funny that after watching this video assembled by, one assumes, a strongly partisan anti-Democrat, the only one of those candidates I’d be willing to vote for is Kucinich. I’d rather see a better candidate than that, but it horrifies me to hear a candidate for President say that health care “will be provided for every American.”

Hillary Rodham Clinton is not a foolish person. She knows there’ll be real costs for that health care: somebody will have to pay. Who? Every American! So how can she say this? The only reason I can see, like the only reason to be making promises to retreat from Iraq within the first 90 days of a term that begins in 2009, is to gain power. These mentions of policy decisions aren’t about real policies. They’re about lies to the gullible in an attempt to get elected.

I’m horrified, because there’s an excellent chance that one of these people will be the next President. Who among the candidates is even a little bit honest? Guiliani may be a bit of a fascist, but he’s an honest man and a capable leader. Dennis Kucinich is more than a bit of a fruitcake, but he’s an honest man and a smart one. Who else? I can’t tell about Barack Obama, and that worries me. McCain, Clinton, Romney? Even if I favored their policies, how could I trust they would be enacted?