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Apology: Augustus Caesar

The Economist ran a correction on page 101 of the 3 November issue. I know they’re known to lean towards the Right—quite far in most cases, by standards that include Hugo Chavez in the mean. They lean blindly in a few cases, I suppose. But I had no idea that they were this conservative:

Apology: Augustus Caesar In our review last week of Lucien Polastron’s book on libraries we said that Augustus had destroyed the Alexandrian library in 48BC. Since the lad, then called Octavian, was only 15 at the time, he obviously didn’t. And Julius Caesar, who did, hadn’t actually meant to. We apologise to Mr Polastron, the many well-educated readers who have complained, and to Augustus, now divine.

No wonder they’re so suspicious of Christian influence in government. Clearly, they’ll throw us all to the lions, and are opposed to Christianity’s tax-heavy policies—after all, the founding prophet said “Give to Caesar!”