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From Layeredtech to DreamHost

I’ve just given up root on the one remote machine I still maintained on the Internet. It’s a somewhat sad feeling. But I’ve been paying $7N to Layered Tech every month for a rented machine, and I’m now going to pay only $N to DreamHost every month for about the same effective level of service.

A week after the transition, everything seems to be working pretty well. They’re running a less-effective mail filter than I did: I was catching 99.99% of spam with a false positive rate below my threshold of measurement. They’re catching 99% of spam with a 1% false positive rate. I may be able to build better tools for mail handling within the framework they provide.

Oh, but the URL for the feeds for this blog has changed. is the best feed URL. will also work. This will be the last post to the old feed.