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Little games with dice

The excellent game Weapons of the Gods has some neat systems. I’m not playing WotG right now, but I am playing Exalted. I’d like to use some of these ideas in my Exalted game. Some of the ideas translate easily. Others require more work. The games use different dice systems. When a WotG book says “made a Moderate (20) roll,” what difficulty do I use for Exalted? For those interested but unused to these games, Exalted uses a simple die-pool system: you have a number of ten-sided dice, 1-15 or so. You roll these dice. Each result of 7, 8, or 9 is a success. Each 10 is two successes. You therefore expect a number of successes equal to half your pool size, with a bias towards occasional great success. Player characters who specialize have about 13 dice in their specialties, 8 dice in things they care somewhat about, and 2 dice in fields they choose to ignore. Most tasks have a “difficulty,” a number of successes required to complete the task.

WotG uses an unusual system. It also uses ten-sided dice, but it’s rare to have more than 6 in a pool. You find the largest matched set in a roll. Your result is ten times the number of dice in the set plus the name of the set. If you roll 4,4,4,7,9, you have rolled 34. If you roll 0,4,6,8,9 you have rolled 19. Everyday tasks that might be completed by the untutored have a difficulty of 18. Moderate tasks requiring training are difficulty 20. Hard tasks are 30. Legendary results require a 40. Impossible tasks require a 60. The impossible is made possible by various tricks for shifting dice from one roll to the next. Those who focus on a skill have 6 dice. The completely untutored have 1 die. Those who care only a little have 2 or 3 dice.

I don’t require an exact conversion. I just need something I can use for play. Will I regret using the following table?

WotG Name WotG difficulty Exalted difficulty
Trivial 10 0
Simple 15 1
Everyday 18 2
Moderate 20 4
Hard 30 8
Legendary 40 12
Impossible 60 16