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Paul Bunyan

I loved Paul Bunyan stories as a kid. I still find great utility in a lightly blurred view of the line between myth and reality. Some Guy has started writing new Paul Bunyan stories—new tall tales anyway. There’s one with Bruce Schneier and one with, um, C’thulhu.

So anyhow, they managed to get the computer projected out onto the drive-in movie screen, and that was all right, because that was about the size of a small laptop for Paul. But that still left the problem of the keyboard! He tried whittling a telephone pole down to a point, and using it a stylus, but he crushed every keyboard he tried it with, even industrial ones. Finally, though, they managed to set him up a keyboard using prefab concrete sidewalk slabs for the keys. He used some tweezers ten feet long to paint letters on them – he needed the letters, because of course, this was the first time he’d ever needed to type, so he had to hunt and peck.

Later, he wrote that keyboard up for MAKE magazine, but for some reason not many people ever used it.