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Valley Games' Titan

We’ve tried the newTitan. It’s a fine two-player game, and I can see it working even better with 3, 4, or 6. It is certainly a typical British/American wargame—lots more fiddly rules than the svelte and streamlined Eurogames (Tikan, Settlers, etc.). There’s a Combat Result Table. There are dice pools. Like many such games, last man standing wins. Players are eliminated in turn. Whoever is not eliminated has won by default. There are three common problems with such games, and Titan addresses each.

  1. Eliminated players may be bored. By the time Titans are dying off, there are usually many powerful armies around and at least one Titan with teleportation. The end-game will be only a few more turns.
  2. Let’s you and him fight. The way to win a three-way fight is to fight the weakened winner of a two-way fight. The constrained strategic movement and recruiting system makes it harder to avoid combat while the other players fight, the point system rewards early engagement, and the legion size-caps reduce the weakening from defeating an enemy.
  3. Turtling. Most games undervalue the return on investment in heavy defense, particularly when combined with (2). Because you have to move to recruit, and movement zones are moderately predictable, it’s quite reasonable for two Legions to run a third to ground. Legion size and number caps also help here.

I look forward to trying a large game.